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ISBN: 977 26 3289 000 8

FORMAT: 9.8 x 12.2 inches (Paperback)

90 pages with approx. 200 photos in full color 

Published July 2019

Design: Maria Korbila, Graphic Designer

Cover Image: Lino Lago

Price: £18.00 

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ISSUE 8 - Portraits & Figures

Over time, most of us learn to not color (or think) outside the box. Each person’s unique talents need to be cultivated, encouraged and nurtured. Artit is fulfilling its vision of bringing together creative individuals and contributors to produce a publication that interacts with readers, shares knowledge, showcases ability and is modern, real-life and fun.


In this edition of the "Voice of Artists" Journal, we present to you some of the most prominent emerging and world-famous visual artists from all around the world. Our editorial selection is comprised of the works of 53 artists who confidently blossom ideas to mellifluously draw emotions on blanc spaces and white canvases, using various visual mediums and raising thought-provoking concepts and ideas.


Alejandro Pasquale welcomes us into a new world of timeless whimsical spaces and shows us what there is beyond the linearity of the story of the characters portrayed. Characters return to their past, to their very beginning, their childhood years and those moments in time when nothing constrained their possibilities for happiness and the fulfillment of their aspirations and desires. At the same time, the stimulating image shifting forms, glimmering color effects, and distortions of the Chilean artist Diego Palacios challenge the viewers’ visual habits, enticing them to derive their own reads. Meanwhile, the cover artist Lino Lago plays peek-a-boo with the viewers’ imaginations in his Fake Abstract series where he reveals glimpses of classical portraits with a single stroke. It is up to each viewer’s imagination to determine whether Lago paints a full portrait and covers it in color, or whether he uses the color as the base and adds the portrait onto the blank canvas as a squiggle. In any case, the eye-catching series allows us to indulge into the juxtaposition of contemporary and classic art.



Amongst some of the most prominent artists whose work has shown are; the pop-surrealist artist Paul Neberra, Ville Löppönen, Aaron Fernandez Duval, Yaroslav Leonets, Will Rochfort, Ryan Weatherly, Nick Offer, Natalia Tomás Segovia, Matthew Michael Garvin, Marc Dailly, Manuel Sanz, Anna Valdez, Adela Janska and many others.