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ISBN: 977 26 3289 000 6

FORMAT: 9.8 x 12.2 inches (Paperback)

140 pages with approx. 200 photos in full color 

Published July 2019 Design: Maria Korbila, Graphic Designer

Cover Image: Claire Ward 

Price: £20.00 

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This is a unique and limited edition print of Artit with certificate of authenticity. 


The latest Artit magazine “Stop, Look & Ponder”- issue 6 is out. In this highly anticipated issue, we are incredibly proud to present to you 43 botanical artists, painters, and illustrators who are inviting us to look closer at (and listen to) the natural beauty that surrounds us. From hyperrealistic and romantic botanical artworks to surreal, abstract and baroque representations, readers will find solace in the intricacy of nature’s most easily overlooked objects of beauty.

In this issue, we zoom into the works of Gemma Di Grazia, Yaroslav Leonets, Stacy Gibboni, Drew Cooper, Robert Fiszer, Halvor Hansen Løvlie, Işık Güner & Melinda Edstein and we learn from top botanical artists and tutors. Katia Petrowkaia, Billy Showell, Shevaun Doherty, and Julia Trickey talk about their journeys to success, they advise artists who have just started out and discuss the future of botanical art. We hope you will enjoy the rich variety of world-famous and emerging artists presented in these pages as much as we have.