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ISBN: 977 26 3289 000 14

FORMAT: US Letter, 88 pages

Published April 2021

Cover Image by: Mark Tennant

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ISSUE 14 - Portraits & Figures

Welcome to our 15th issue of the “Voice of Artists”, a series of journals that delivers exactly what it stands for: A powerful voice that enables artists to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas. At Artit, we believe in art as a powerful tool for self-expression and a trigger of change. Hence, our journals aim to provoke conversation and action towards meaningful matters and to give voice to artists who strive for the best version of the world we live in.

We are thrilled to be bringing together the work of 80 undiscovered talents and established figurative artists who are sharing their unique view to the current reality. For the cover of the publication, we have selected the work of Mark Tennant. As if his motion triggered paintings appear to have been frozen in time, the New-York based artist tricks you into believing that what you’re looking is an everyday snapshot taken it just the right moment. In the same spirit, the works of Lena Rivo, Anton Matiev, Mj Torrecampo, Tania, Celia Mora, Kstan, Étienne Poisson, Maribel Andres and Lorena Frías, Rick Pere, Dominic Bodden, Alejandro Sintura, Mark Draisey, and others, focus on the often mundane aspects of contemporary mundane life, from a casual family interaction to to tidying up a messy closet.

Contrarily, Amanda Greive and Aixa Oliveras introduce us to powerful symbolisms between women and the botanical world, examining the “push and pull” between societal perception of women and their reality. Along the same lines, Lesley Thiel invites us to see the fragile beauty and complexity that surrounds us and to offer hope in the form of the young women who “will be our leaders and who will nurture our planet back to health”. Aron Belka and Maldha Mohamed lure us into the worlds of their subjects’ eyes, evoking emotions of wisdom, fear and uncertainty.

At the same time, in Stosskopf’s Florent collage-like visual narratives, shadows are nowhere to be found, creating a magical scenery disconnected from reality. The surreal wok of Julius Agbaje and Elham Masoumi entice us to look for hidden meanings and motives while the work of the French artist Mikel Olazabal take us to a semi-fantastical world. Quiet, intimate and sensational moments imbued with themes of love, desire and connection are plainly revealed in Michelle’s Doll work - allowing us to almost feel the touch between a couple and the closeness between a mother her children.

A big thank you to all artists who shared a piece of themselves via their creations and to the prestigious panel of judges and advisory team of this publication, including Hillary Butterworth, Mauro C Martinez, Alex Wilby, Dan Ferguson, Denis Delasio, Milo Hartnoll, Seppe De Meyere, and Thomas Golunski who selected their favourite top 10 artists to be interviewed by our team. We hope that the Artit community that we are so passionate about will allow you to discover something new and fascinating to boost your creativity and inspire your work.


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