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ISBN: 977 26 3289 000 16 FORMAT: US Letter, 107 pages

Published: June 2023

Cover by: Nataliya Bagatskaya

Price: £59.00

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ISSUE 16 - 100 Artists Bringing Figures to Life

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the 16th issue of the "Voice of Artists," a series of journals dedicated to amplifying the voices of artists worldwide. Each issue of our series brings a unique perspective on the world, told through the art of undiscovered, emerging, and established artists from around the globe.


In this publication, we proudly present "100 Artists Bringing Figures to Life," a stunning collection of works that celebrates the beauty and diversity of figures and portraits. From classical representations to contemporary interpretations, this collection is a testament to the diversity and creativity of the art world. We are honored to feature the works of established artists as well as emerging talents, who we believe have the potential to shape the future of art.


We hope that this publication will not only serve as a platform for artists to showcase their works, but also as an inspiration for other artists and art enthusiasts around the globe. We want to thank all the artists who have contributed to this issue, as well as our readers for their continued support. May this publication remind us all of the transformative power of art, and inspire us to continue to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of the human form.


Sincerely, Danai Papadimitriou

Founder of Artit

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