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ISBN: 977 26 3289 000 13

FORMAT: US Letter, 88 pages

Published March 2021

Cover Image: Karon Ng

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ISSUE 13 - Things around me

Today, in times of social distancing and self isolation, infusing objects with feelings seems to be more relevant than ever. Therefore, theme of this publication could be no other than a tribute to all those ‘Things Around me’. This issue is to share all those commonplace objects that have been meaningful to us, by holding, looking at, using, wearing, eating, playing, displaying, or simply being there. To some, this object is their shoes, a cactus, or a book. To others, it  could be a flower or a special meal they shared with someone, or just with their selves. 


We are thrilled to be bringing together the work of 80 undiscovered talents and established artists, carrying diverse cultural backgrounds and of course sharing their unique view to the current reality. For the cover of the publication, we have the digital designer Karon Ng who turned everyday table objects into whimsical illustrations, full of life and color. Deborah Pohl, Lauren Pretorius, Polina Borisova, Craig Stephens, Karen Burns, Melissa Tostevin and Jeanne Vadeboncoeur are only some of the artists who chosen to remain faithful to their subject’s features, while others’ emotive objects are portrayed in a way for open interpretation by the viewer. 


A big thank you to all artists who shared a piece of themselves via their creations. We hope that the Artit community that we are so passionate about will allow you to discover something new and 
fascinating to boost your creativity and inspire your work.

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