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Magazine Details

ISBN: 977 26 3289 000 2

FORMAT: 9.8 x 12.2 inches (Paperback)

70 pages with approx. 70 photos in full color 

Published August 2018

Design: Maria Korbila, Graphic Designer

Cover Image: Gwen Scott

In collaboration with the Daring Changers NGO

Price: £16.00 

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This is a unique and limited edition print of Artit with certificate of authenticity. 


This publication of "Voice of Artists" is brought to you through an endearing collaboration between us at Artit and the "Daring Changers": a Thai-based NGO whose work and campaigns educate, challenge and inspire communities globally to strive towards positive change by increasing environmental awareness. Therefore, the theme of the second "Voice of Artists" publication could have been none other than respecting the environment we live in.

We are incredibly honored to be presenting the work of 60 prominent, emerging and world-famous artists who hold nature at the core of their work.  This issue presents their work made with a wide range of visual mediums, and raising thought-provoking concepts and ideas.

Using the complex traditional reductive printmaking technique, Gwen Scott focuses on the quiet repose of female reflection, sleep and the joy of being surrounded by nature. At the same time, in a mystical world of abstract images and whimsical spaces, Virginia Clarke blossoms her floral palette in a free-flowing style of painting. Amongst some of the most celebrated and imaginative artists whose work is featured in the present publication are Melinda Edstein, Zakir Husain Shaikh, Kateryna Petrovska, Geraldina Molia, Anna Lucia Silfvast, Raksesh Malik, and others. 

As you read through the magazine, take a moment to appreciate all the different facets of nature. Do not get caught up by the larger picture; Rather, pay attention to the details and subtleties, and set yourself free to grasp natural beauty. Above all, be open; allow yourself to be inspired and become part of the solution towards a positive change.