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ISBN: 977 26 3289 000 11

FORMAT: 18 x 24 cm (Paperback)

180 pages with approx. 450 photos in full color 

Published July 2020

Design: Maria Korbila, Graphic Designer

Cover Image:Valentin Fischer

Price: £29.00 

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This is a unique and limited edition print of Artit with certificate of authenticity. 

ISSUE 11 - Portraits & Figures

Created within one of the most tumultuous periods of our times, Artit’s newest edition, Summer 2020 Issue #11, is finally out, featuring some our favorite painters currently working on portraiture and figurative paintings. We are thrilled to be bringing together the work of both undiscovered talents and established artists, carrying diverse cultural backgrounds and of course sharing their unique view to the current reality. For the cover of the publication, we have Stuttgart-based painter, Valentin Fischer, premiering one of his newest, oil on canvas works, a painting that perfectly captures the silent desperation, paralysis and fear that permeate our world today, in response to recent events. Inside, you will find 175 portraits and figures, rendering their subjective or objective vista. Sergey Piskunov, Antoine Renault, Chloe McEldowney, Anne Mosses, Aaron Peever, Leonardo Soto Calquin, Allistair Walter, Vincent F Moss, Paul Neberra, Manuel Rodrigues Almeida, Holden Willard, are only some of the brilliant artists who have chosen to remain faithful to their subject’s features; while others have chosen to portray their subject as an instrument for dialogue and creative expression.


The collage and digital portraits of Lexicon Love, Freds Gallery, Redrigts and Lula Dupre leave us with an ambiguous and somewhat enigmatic ambience while the human-like, figurative portraits and bodies of Warren King, Tyler Scully, Jean-Luc Almond, Andres Kal and Natalya Zalonzaya capture the essence of energy, movement and spontaneity. The works of Michele Poirier Mozzone, Vanessa Raw, Lea Bou Habib, Marc daily, Tom Mead, Elise Wallbridge, Katie Eleanor, Ali pirooz, Jezzelle Heavenly Rae Kellam, Sofi Buggé, Ben Edge, Joshua Barton, Sofia efremenko, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Daria Pietryka, Jerusa Simone, Anne Siems, Tara Centybear, Daniela Oliveira Guerreiro, Oksana Zmiyevska, Margo Lunsford, Josie Johnson, Hector Acuna and others, is accompanied by vivid, personal narratives written in first person. Some of them unveil abstract and figurative motifs, enticing the viewer to derive their own read while others have a stand-alone, absolute story-telling capacity. Sílvia Marieta, with her work “Maternity” lures the reader to feel an “agri-sweet” experience on the reality of motherhood; and Sarah Detweiler discusses the evolution of women’s roles in our society and how those roles and expectations shift when a woman becomes a mother. Meanwhile, we bring you uplifting stories on the underlying motives of one the most energetic and prolific artists we know. We dig deep into a tale very much from this era: that of Hillary Butterworth, Seppe De Meyere, Millo Hartnoll, and Denis Dalesio who live in different continents but who have come together through Instagram. Their story is one of those rare occurrences when the virtual opens the way for a tangible creative journey.


Basking on the simplicity of the portrait, Keren Golea reflects deeper on herself, emphasizing her incomprehensible human identity and sharing a powerful message that we would like to leave you with: “You can’t climb beyond the limitations of your own belief. Everything you’re capable of doing is hidden within you. That untapped, dormant, rich resources trapped inside you. Like a small seed. You hold that forest which no one else can see, except you. So don’t be satisfied with your last success. It’s the greatest threat to your growth. Remember: You’re always greater than what you are now, always greater than what you think you are, greater than what they think you are... But it is up to you to hold on to that beautiful truth and release it. For all you can ever be is in you now.”

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