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ISBN: 977 26 3289 000 3

FORMAT: 9.8 x 12.2 inches (Paperback)

74 pages with approx. 70 photos in full color 

Published November 2018

Design: Maria Korbila, Graphic Designer

Cover Image: Gustavo Ramos

Price: £18.00 

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This is a unique and limited edition print of Artit with certificate of authenticity. 


Artists are often called to explain and justify their work. Hence the ability to respond meaningfully and coherently to such a request is an important tool in any professional artist’s toolbox. However, here’s the rub: Artists who work deeply and passionately often do not have a clue regarding what they have done. Sometimes they know what their original intention was - but that is not always the case. Why that? Well naturally, much of the best art is accomplished in a state of surrender. Art happens inherently, in a rather mysterious way, often with no clear source or direction from the part of the artist. Once an artwork is “born”, it resembles a child: It’s out of the artist’s hands and enters the world to grow into its own, mature life. It will have thousands, even millions of explanations. Every single person who sees it will give it another one - and each of those is valid in its own respect. 


In the 3rd issue of the “Voice of Artists” we present you 70 artworks each carrying a powerful standalone story-telling capacity. Amongst some of the most prominent artists whose work is featured are Jessica Oliveras Fontas, Stefanie Stark, Tina Berendsohn, William Branson III, Esteban Millán Pinzón, Francesco De Marco, Atanas Matsoureff, Craig Barnard, Elliot Paul Thomas Nehra, Mariska Eyck, Gimun Ryu, Emma Copley, Maria de Vido, and others. As you read through the pages, take a moment to appreciate the work of all these artists who shared a piece of themselves via their creations. Inform your creativity and allow yourself to derive your own read depending on your frame of reference. Heartfelt thanks to all participants and congratulations to all winning artists.