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ISBN: 977 26 3289 000 12


88 pages 

Published February 2021

Cover Image: Fikos

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ISSUE 12 - Portraits & Figures

Created during one of the most tumultuous periods of our times, Artit’s newest edition is featuring some our favourite visual artists currently working on portraiture and figurative paintings. We are thrilled to be bringing together the work of undiscovered talents and established artists, carrying diverse cultural backgrounds and of course sharing their unique view to the current reality. For the cover of the publication, we have the portrait of Antetokounmpo created by the continuer of the Greek-Byzantine art, Fikos whose background encompasses both realms of street art and iconography. Inside, you will find 80 portraits and figures, rendering their subjective or objective vista. Joshua Suda, Graydon Parrish, Elizabeth Bergeland, Ammama Malik, Jennifer R. A. Campbell, Kouta Sasai, Deryck Henley, Bryce Darrow, and Alice Miller are only some of the brilliant artists who have chosen to remain faithful to their subject’s features; while some others have chosen to portray their subject as an instrument for dialogue and creative expression. Some of them unveil abstract and figurative motifs, enticing the viewer to derive their own read while others have a stand-alone, absolute story-telling capacity.


For Sofia Fotiadou, the painting surface is the meeting point where reality clashes with fantasy and the female psyche and feminine energy reveal its true identity by breaking social constraints and stereotypes. The figures of Alice Miller and the portraits of Jordan Benson become nameless everyday protagonists through which the viewer devises their own narrative around them. The works of Anastasia Karelina, Zeny Rehman, Guido Mauas, Nika Kashani, Rafael Mesquita, and Sasan Renani remind us of our own selves in times of lockdown, where making friends with your inner demons and self was a personal procedure that was done in isolation, yet in each and every one of us. A big thank you to all artists who shared a piece of themselves via their creations and to the prestigious panel of judges and advisory team of this publication, including Hillary Butterworth, Mauro C Martinez, Alex Wilby, Dan Ferguson, Denis Delasio, Milo Hartnoll, Seppe De Meyere, and Thomas Golunski who selected their favorite top 10 artists to be interviewed by our team. Their selection was: Elizabeth Langley, Kouta Sasai, Hélio Fernandes Luís, Randy Godawa, Atilio Pernsisco, Jose Luis Ceña Ruiz, Elizabeth Berfeland, Alicia Brown, Alice Miller & Keith Eager. We hope that the Artit community that we are so passionate about will allow you to discover something new and fascinating to boost your creativity and inspire your work.

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