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The Essence of Summer


Genre: Call for Art

Field: All media


Publication Feature


Sep 01, 2024

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Location: Accepting entries around the world

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Accepting Entries

As the days lengthen and we approach the bountiful summer season, Artit invites artists to capture and share the quintessential moments of this vibrant time of year.


Our latest Call for Art, "The Essence of Summer", seeks artworks that embody the warmth, light, and spirited essence that summer unfolds. Artists from all backgrounds are encouraged to submit their dazzling works celebrating the myriad experiences that define summer — from the lazy afternoons basking in the sun to the allure of cool evenings under starlit skies. This contest seeks artworks that reflect the buzzing energy, the luminous colours, and the serene moments that only summer can bring. It's a celebration of the sights, sounds, and sensations that define this worry-free time of year. 


Just as a painting of fresh fruit can evoke the juicy, ripe flavours of summer, we encourage submissions that bring to life the essence of the season. Whether it's through capturing serene landscapes bathed in golden sunlight, lively beach scenes, the tranquillity of a quiet garden, the nostalgia of a childhood summer adventure, or the dynamic portrayal of summer in a bustling cityscape, let your artwork resonate with the spirit of summer.


Artit invites artists to share their summer-inspired artworks, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the season's vibrancy and explore vivid landscapes, intimate moments of leisure, or the endless adventures that summer promises. 


This Call for Art is an ode to the sensory delights and emotional resonance that summer-inspired artwork can convey.


Cover image: Papaya and cherries (2019) by Lena Rivo (@lenarivo)


Disclaimer: Artit respects the privacy and copyright of all participating artists. Your identity and contact details will remain confidential, and copyright for submitted images will be retained by the artists. By participating, you agree to allow Artit to feature your work in its digital gallery and for internal promotion, without external sharing or selling without your consent.