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Family Ties: Bonds Beyond Words


Genre: Call for Art

Field: All media


Publication Feature


Dec 01, 2024

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Location: Accepting entries around the world

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Through our family and a myriad of stories, bonds, and dynamics, we shape our very essence.


Artit invites artists from all walks of life to share their reflections, experiences, and narratives of kinship in our latest Call for Art: “Family Ties: Bonds Beyond Words”. This call seeks artworks that mirror and reflect the intricate web of relationships within families - be it parents, siblings, children, or the broader spectrum of familial bonds and dynamics. It’s an opportunity to explore and celebrate the multifaceted nature of family life, from joyous gatherings to the complexities and challenges inherent in familial relationships.


We encourage submissions of work that delve into rich narratives that families weave through generations, and artists' insights into the familial bonds that shape our identities. We seek artworks that explore the depth of relationships, the contrasts within family units, and all the vibrant stories. This initiative offers a unique lens, highlighting the dual nature of the family as both our grounding roots and the wings that let us soar.


Artit calls upon artists to submit works that capture both the intimacy of domestic life and the broad spectrum of experiences that define family. Let's unveil the intricate mosaic that family represents in our lives. From the warmth of the hearth to the vast horizons of kinship, your art can illustrate the dynamic narratives of family life. This Call for Art celebrates not only the aesthetic aspect but also, the emotional and narrative depth of family-inspired artwork.


Cover image: 'falsa alarma' by Pepe Baena Nieto (@pepebaena)


Disclaimer: Artit respects the privacy and copyright of all participating artists. Your identity and contact details will remain confidential, and copyright for submitted images will be retained by the artists. By participating, you agree to allow Artit to feature your work in its digital gallery and for internal promotion, without external sharing or selling without your consent.