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Artsy Tribute to Film


Genre: Call for Art

Field: All media


Publication Feature


Dec 01, 2024

Eligibility Conditions

Location: Accepting entries around the world

Conditions of Work: Conditions of work 1

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Dive into the cinematic world with our latest art initiative, "Artsy Tribute to Film".


This call for art celebrates the indelible impact of films on our imagination, emotions, and artistic expressions. We're seeking artists who draw inspiration from the silver screen, transforming their admiration for films, actors and actresses, directors and so on, into captivating pieces of art. Whether it's a classic that has moved you, a recent gem that has intrigued you and resonated with you, or a film character that has stayed with you long after the credits rolled, we want to see how these visual stories are reimagined through your artistic lens.


Don't forget to include the title of the film or the name of the character that inspired your artwork, along with the title, medium, and dimensions of your works.


Cover image: 'Daydream in Blue', by Lea Bou Habib (@leabouhab) - inspired by Wong Kar-wai's 'In the Mood for Love' (2000).


Disclaimer: Participating in this project means respecting the intellectual property rights of the films and shows that inspire your artwork. We assure all participating artists that their personal and contact information will be securely handled and never disclosed without explicit consent. The copyright of the images will remain with the contributing artists. By submitting your work, you agree for Artit to feature your images and accompanying text in its online gallery and use them for internal promotion. Artit commits not to sell the images or allow their use by third parties without the artist's consent.