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United by Diversity


Genre: Call for Art




Feb 28, 2023

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As part of the “Art Hubs For Youth” European Project, we are creating the international virtual exhibition, We and They: United by Diversity”. This call for art is open to all visual artists aged 16-30, refugees and migrants and other marginalized and vulnerable groups, who wish to tell their own stories to a wide audience and speak their truth through visual stories. Through this virtual exhibition, we wish to transmit our belief that arts have a huge role to play in the context of migration and integration – that has a capacity to delight and surprise but to tell human stories; to of generate empathy; to reach beyond policy- and advocacy-based work; to get people to interact and communicate across difference. Show to us how your work relates to the exhibition's theme by giving us your most precise and thoughtful description of your artworks. Rather than focusing on a single submission, we are always looking to find out more about every participating artist, so make sure you upload more of your work as part of your portfolio. Do not forget to include the title, medium and dimensions. Cover image by Anna Flehantova. Disclaimer: The Art Hubs for Youth project will respect the privacy of all participating artists. When taking part in this project, you can share information about yourself in your written statement, but other than this, information about your identity and contact details will be kept secure and will never be shared with any outside individual unless it is with your explicit consent. The copyright on the images will remain the property of each contributing artist. By submitting work, you consent for Art Hubs for Youth to include your images and text on the United by Diversity online gallery. Art Hubs for Youth may use the images for internal publicity and reports but will not sell the images or consent for other organisations to use them without the consent of the artist.