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Local Urban Labs: Evia | Round 2


Genre: Call for Art

Field: All media


Hybrid Residency

Cash Award of €3000 (Gross)

Educational & Research Opportunities


Jul 30, 2024

Eligibility Conditions

Location: Greece

Conditions of Work: Open exclusively to Greece-based artists, willing to commit to the programme's needs.

Accepting Entries

Are you a Greek-based artist passionate about leveraging art to address pressing environmental challenges in waterfront cities? Join us in our Climate x Art initiative, Turning the Tide (TTT), which seeks to creatively respond to the climate crisis threatening waterfront communities. 


Through this unique residency opportunity, artists based in Greece will have the chance to contribute to a transdisciplinary dialogue and create tangible works of art that amplify local voices and raise awareness about climate issues.


About Turning the Tide (TTT):

TTT is an innovative project that harnesses the power of art to spark conversations and drive action on climate change and climate justice. By collaborating with socially engaged artists and local communities in four waterfront cities, TTT aims to explore the role of art in reshaping the narrative on climate issues.


Local Residency Details:

The local residency will last for 3 months, giving artists plenty of time for cultural mapping, research and the creation of artistic works in the digital realm.

The artists are specifically invited to work 30 days (full-time), spread over a period of three months (September 1st to November 31st, 2024), offering flexibility.


Expectations and Engagement:

Participating artists will be expected to fully commit to the Local Urban Labs (LUL) programme for the Evia region, and deliver presentations and visual outputs of their residency in digital format, inspired by their experiences and insights - all relating to the storm and flood damages of the last years.


Greek artists participating in this hybrid residency are expected to collaborate with fellow artists and the local community and co-produce tangible artistic works that reflect their engagement with the local context and climate-related themes. These works will be showcased on the project's website and social media channels, providing a cohesive platform for artists to share their perspectives with a global audience.


Additionally, artists will be expected to actively participate in online meetings before, during, and after the residency to receive feedback and guidance on their work. At least one webinar will be organised to also make a digital dialogue possible between local and international participants. There will also be roundtables and workshops with the local community in Evia, for artists to familiarise themselves with the area and better comprehend the damages of the storms and floods