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Art for Planet Earth


Genre: Call for Art

Field: All media


Cash Prize of 1000€ & Publishing

Publishing in the 'Voice of Artists' Series


Dec 31, 2023

Eligibility Conditions

Location: Accepting entries around the world

Conditions of Work: Conditions of work 1

No Longer Accepting Entries

Our team is shortlisting the entries

We are thrilled to invite visual artists from around the world to participate in our prestigious call for art, "Art for Planet Earth". This unique opportunity aims to bring together a diverse and global group of artists who share a common passion for raising awareness about environmental issues and advocating for the preservation of our planet.

Through this call for art, we encourage artists to use their creative expressions to inspire action, provoke conversations, and ignite change. We invite artworks that explore the beauty of nature, address pressing environmental challenges, and celebrate sustainable practices. Whether your medium is painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, or any other form of visual art, we welcome your submissions.

Call for art cover image by: Victoria Nakada